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Tribe of Pok is a tribal survival strategy game with a focus on a simulated natural environment. A tribe of hunter-gatherers attempts to eke out an existence in a savage world. Guide your tribe to prosperity by building, crafting, hunting, gathering and constructing the great Megaliths of the Stone Age. As you become more prosperous, rival tribes will take notice, not all of which will be homo sapiens!

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Heavily simulated natural environment - Cut down all the trees and eventually they will stop regrowing. Use up all the water in a pond and it will be dry until the rains return.
  • Day/Night and Seasonal cycle - Different biomes have different weather patterns that affect how you play the game. You don't need to worry about keeping warm in the semi-arid biome, but in tundra it is a constant danger.
  • Nature is the Ultimate Provider - Almost everything you need will come from nature. Plants are harvested for their produce, animal carcasses are butchered for materials and rocks are broken down to make tools.
  • Craft the Tools of Survival - Craft spears to defend against wildlife, axes to cut down trees and awls to make clothing. Some tools are even multi-functional. The stone knife speeds up fire creation, but can also be used as a weapon in a pinch.
  • Take Charge in Combat - When danger approaches, quickly take control of Pokian Warriors in Combat Mode to deal with the threat. In Combat Mode, you can select and order Pokians around just like in a real time strategy game.
  • Build Monuments - Guide your tribe to prosperity by building monuments of the Stone Age. Arrange individual stones however you like, we provide the pieces for your designs!
  • Stop the Decay - Build pits to slow down food decay. Don’t place it too close to camp, or the warmth from a campfire will speed up decay. If the pit gets wet, any food inside won’t last very long either. It’s all part of the deep simulation that drives Tribe Of Pok.

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