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  • Pokians are how your tribe members are referred to in-game
  • The chance of nomads appearing or pregnancies occurring are dependent on the prosperity of your tribe. The higher the prosperity, the more likely you will receive new tribe members
  • When your tribe is small, nomads are more likely to appear. As your tribe grows larger, reproduction becomes the main source of new Pokians
  • Pokians only reproduce when they have some idle time during the day. Every day, each Pokian performs several checks for whether they and their partners are idle. If this check is passed, they perform a further probability check based on current prosperity. If this check is also passed, then the male will talk to the female and the female will become pregnant.
  • If Pokians are busy all day performing tasks, they will never pass the idle check and so never reproduce.
  • Children are weak and can't be assigned professions until they become adults.