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  • Fires are affected by humidity. If a fire gains the Humid status, it will burn through fuel faster than usual.
  • If water enters a hex, it will extinguish a camp fire or wild fire.
  • Wild fires increase the surrounding temperature much more than a camp fire. However, they are also much more dangerous. A wild fire can spread up to two hexes away if there are flammable objects in range. This can be devastating to your camp if there are lots of flammable objects bunched together, particularly in dry conditions.
  • Sometimes it is a good idea to start a wild fire on purpose. When it is cold enough for all the water to freeze, you may find it difficult to supply your Pokians with water. In this case you can start a wild fire and melt nearby ice, providing a source of water.
  • Pokians will automatically cook raw meat near a camp fire. You can turn this off from the fire's query panel if you wish.
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