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Tribe of Pok has a simulated natural environment which includes Day/Night cycles as well as Seasonal cycles.

Day/Night and Seasonal Cycle[edit | edit source]

  • Different biomes will have different temperature, rainfall and river flow patterns based on the season and time of day.
  • The coldness in winter and heat in summer is dependent on the biome, so take this into account when managing your tribe.
  • These temperature variations are not fixed. This means for example, your tribe may experience a slightly colder/warmer winter from one year to the next.
  • All plants slowly become barren during autumn/winter. Make sure you have enough harvested food stockpiled or animals to hunt to survive the winter. In some biomes you can survive off moss/lichen or ants, but they are not very filling for your Pokians.

Keeping Warm[edit | edit source]

  • During cold weather, keep your Pokians close to camp and avoid sending them too far into the wild. Otherwise they might develop hypothermia, especially if they are not fully clothed.
  • Each piece of clothing provides an insulation rating to help keep your Pokians warm. Leather clothing provides more insulation than grass clothing.
  • You can keep a larger area of your tribe warm by building fire poles, although you will need animal fat to keep them fueled.
  • When your Pokians are too cold, they will try to move to a warmer tile. When they are too hot they will try to find a cooler tile.
  • In the colder biomes, it is a good idea to place huts and bedding near sources of heat so your Pokians stay warm while they sleep.
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