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  • Each Pokian's abilities are directly influenced by the tools they have available.
  • If no one in your tribe has a certain ability, tasks that require the ability will not be completed.
  • Some tools have better abilities than other tools. The tool with a better ability will perform the task faster.
  • Below is a table showing abilities, tools that provide it and what it's used for:

List of Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Tools Usage
Chop Stone Knife, Axe Cutting trees and bushes, extracting long grass
Spark Stone Knife, Flint Tool, Spear Starting a fire
Puncture Awl, Digging stick, Spear Crafting clothing, fishing, bows, waterskin, necklaces
Dig Stone Knife, Digging Stick Extracting from the ground
Crush Stone Knife Crafting dyes for use in monument construction
Carve Burin Tool Crafting statues and stone slabs for use in monument construction
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